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Veterinarians have found that the VPR program has dramatically changed the way they are able to do their jobs, saving them and their staff time and money. Client are more informed and excited about the improved service they are receiving.A number of our delighted customers have sent us the following letters and notes.

"VPR has been an essential tool for our employees for years.  Now that it is integrated with Impromed Infinity it’s become even more essential to our staff.  Our training time has been significantly reduced because of VPR’s seamless integration with Impromed Infinity.  The drug information is available right from the Infinity Patient Processing module or from a button on the Infinity toolbar.  The medications in VPR are directly linked to our Infinity product database so that when a drug is added to an invoice, the prescribing information for that Drug, Strength, and Species is already highlighted.  The database updates come every six months to update VPR with the latest drugs and updated dosing information.  If we have any problems VPR support is fast, friendly, & efficient."
                                  Gary Tate, Technology Manager, Simmons Veterinary Hospital

"It amazes us that so much pharmacology is available with just a few keystrokes. The cumulative history feature helps assure us that we are providing the very best care for our clients/patients. Standardized treatment is supported by the Interaction of the Prescription History, Washout Period checking, the Dosage Calculator and the Interaction matrix checking. VPR is an amazing time saver and quality checker."
                                  Kate Christman, DVM

“The ability to provide clients w/ an information sheet regarding the cautions, side effects, and possible drug interactions is an incredible tool.”
    “Since veterinary medicine does not have the advantage of a pharmacist we have to rely on our own knowledge regarding the different drugs & their availability.  This (software) allows us to bridge the gap between the pharmacist and the veterinarian.” 
                                   Douglas Chaplin, DVM, Yellow Springs Vet Clinic, Maryland

Great information, quick and easy to access. A must have as today’s clients become more aware of medication and litigation.  I use it daily, my Plumb is getting dusty.”
                                   Patrick Flynn DVM, Venice Florida

This program is wonderful.  I used to have to carry a formulary in my pocket to calculate doses – now it is all there on the computer.  The ability to give the client a sheet with potential side effects to watch for is marvelous – it saves on phone calls to the receptionists and informs the clients.  Thank you for bringing veterinary medicine up to date with human medicine.”
Carol Thompson, VMD, Thompson’s Veterinary Center, Lake Wales, FL.

"I'm impressed with how easy it is to find information on medication,dosages and interactions.  This is definitely a valuable resource we use in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital Pharmacy."

                                    Barry Grodsky, RPh, Veterinary Pharmacist, University of Illinois
                                   Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Teaching Hospital Pharmacy


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